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Thomas Park- Organic Dissonance [treetrunk 441]

“More and more I am using my generative music to show the effect(s) of inorganic systems on organic systems. My songs are analogies for the ways that our culture has impacted our own natural systems– and I do so with optimism, looking for patterns that are organic and stable and pointing to them as ideal for the survival of our species and planet.”

“Though I have been using technology to compose, I am finding that the loops I work with emulate nature very closely. A main attempt has been to build coded models for song building that sound musical, using loops, using iteration. A loop is common in nature, a cycle is the language of life’s pattern on this planet. I can use a PC to emulate this, and because I am organic, the PC reflects the organic nature of my thinking.”
“What is a healthy natural pattern? Is it one where an equilibrium is realized, where the system continues to cycle in a fairly static way? Can we find systems like these and promote them? Can we mute unhealthy systems, that protrude artificially or don’t achieve adequate equilibrium?”– Thomas Park, 2019
All tracks composed in real time using generative Python code created by Thomas Park.

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