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Mystified With Rebekkah Hilgraves: An Off-Key Relationship [treetrunk 519]

What happens when two volcalists are in key with themselves, but noticeably out-of-key with one another? I used a generative system and the voices of myself and Rebekkah Hilgraves to illustrate the sonic results of such a de-tuning.

Please note that Thomas and Rebekkah get along just fine in the real world.

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Mystified- Bones [treetrunk 518]

All sounds from the original Bone Drones series by mystified. These are trombone sounds that have been effected and generatively remixed.

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Mystified- Digital Milk [treetrunk 517]

Created using a unique combination of generative and live looping techniques.

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Mystified With Various Artists- Constants [treetrunk 516]

Thomas of mystified wanted to try a generative mix of quite a number of “Constant” pieces. “Constant” drones were pieces created by artists with the intention of making the most minimal sound that was still listenable. Artist included in these generative mixes include:

Digital Mass
Philip Wilkerson
Stephen Philips
The Ghost Between The Strings
Mister Vapor
Scott Lawlor
K.M. Krebs
Tribe Of Astronauts
At any point, a listener might be hearing up to 24 layers of different Constant track excerpts.

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Mystified- Running The Numbers [treetrunk 515]

All tracks recorded in real-time using a combination of generative and live mixing processes.

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Mystified- Bad Eighties Detective Movie Soundtrack [treetrunk 514]

A completely generative soundtrack for your choice of Bad Eighties Detective Movies. Simply dub in the audio. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the dialogue.

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Mystified- The Sound Of A Perfect Storm [treetrunk 513]

Created using phrases taken from Mystified’s “Coming Days”, including real, original brass and woodwind drone phrases. Composed during the Covid-19 crisis of 2020.

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Mystified With Christopher Alvarado- Megacities 2020 Loop Jam [treetrunk 512]

Christopher Alvarado permitted Mystified to remix their collaborative album, “Megacities”(Webbed Hand Records, 2014). These live loop jams use mostly sounds from that release.

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Thomas Park- Thomas Park’s Live Radio Magic [treetrunk 511]

3 live looping sessions, recorded at the end of different “Synthetic Sounds” shows, hosted by Thomas Park and KDHX-FM St. Louis, MO USA. All recorded in real-time with no overdubs.

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Mystified- Seattle [treetrunk 510]

After a 3-year hiatus, mystified is back, and I am using a technique called “Blind Mixing”. I create mixing consoles using code that pulls in random sounds, and I mix them blind. It calls for a lot of  improvisation.


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