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Thomas Park- Salted Pork Radio [treetrunk 529]

Created using an online generative environment, to showcase the possibility of a live ambient generative radio stream.

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Thomas Park With Brian Eno And David Byrne– In The Bush Of Dubstep [treetrunk 528]

I used Generative Python code, some dubstep samples, and sounds from Eno/Byrne’s great cc-licensed “In The Bush Of Ghosts” remix project.

The result: A paeon of sorts to the groundbreaking album.

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DJ Frankenstone- Bride Of Frankenstone [treetrunk 527]

Music animated using the Python Generative Environment “Cue 9” by Thomas Park. Sounds chosen completely randomly.

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Thomas Park- Trancing The World Entire [treetrunk 526]

These tracks were simply recorded from the live “Trancing The World Entire” set, a part of Thomas Park’s “Reanimator” application. They are, then, generative-iterative tracks recorded in real time.

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