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Thomas Park- Hold On [treetrunk 572]

Ian Curtis was a singer and musician, in the band Joy Division, who, on the eve of their departure to America for a pivotal tour, ended his own life. Some say it was drugs, or just unhappiness– some say it was due to his struggle with epilepsy. Whatever the reason, his voice and talent are sorely missed. To me, he stands for all people at the edge of the brink for whatever reason– those people, I ask to reconsider entering the void– please step back into the light, find love– live, survive, love again another day.

Musically, this release marks a significant step ahead, as tight hip hop beats and basslines become the skeletons for floating randomized sounds. Each piece was created using the Generative Engine Go7, which was coded in Python by Thomas Park. My goal here, and point, was to show how far I could go with Generative, and Generative-Iterative music– that this music could serve as an effective alternative to traditionally-composed music.

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