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Thomas Park- Hibernation Dreams [treetrunk 631]

All tracks created using Generative Python (and an original randomization function) by Thomas Park.

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DJ_Iterate- Hot Buttered Pancakes [treetrunk 630]

Generative music created using Python by Thomas Park and Disco and Funk samples.

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DJ_Iterate- VapoDisc [treetrunk 629]

All tracks created using Generative Python. These tracks combine Disco and Vapor Wave sounds.

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Conure And DJ_Iterate- TOXMAP [treetrunk 628]

Conure supplied some of the sounds for this collaborative effort. Thomas Park added some sounds and generated the compositions.

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DJ_Iterate- Xanaxadu [teetrunk 627]

I was looking into some warm Disco and House sounds, and using Generative Python to mix them. I like the combination. How about you?
Disco Lives.

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