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DJ_Iterate- Mass Modern World [treetrunk 691]

Many Generative creation techniques were used to create this release, especially python-encoded music environments by Thomas Park.

Thomas would like to thank L. Friberg for her help with the speech synthesis.

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Sound 00 + Lefterna– Collab 49b [treetrunk 689]

Sound_00 aka Toni Dimitrov and Lefterna aka Boban Ristevski have been curving their way into the new experimental music scene with their solo engagement, but also with lots of collaborative releases under their belt. Exploring the dynamics of minimum Vs. maximum, in terms and meanings of noise Vs. drone, they are searching their own way of merging magical meanings and esotheric inspiration with a ceratin styles of music, such as ambient and long-form drone explorations. Their joint project has managed to achieve and release a number of different EP-s for diverse labels such as Ostroga, Etched Traumas, Petroglyph Music, post global recordings, Horror Fiction Tapes, Fall Into Void Recs, HNM Records, Gerpfast Kolektif, Studio 4632 Netlabel, Cian Orbe, Musicnumbers, Singing Birds, Attenuation circuit, Fuck The Industry, Metaphysical Digital, Human Cross Records, CVLMINIS, AOsmosis, Crna Zemlja, 45 Echoes Sounds, Sinnesloschen, Unexplained Sounds Group, Sounds Against Humanity, Throne of Bael, Ampeff, Earthwalker Recordings, The Dark Thursday, Silber Records, Genetic Trance, Obstinacy, Diploma Supplement Label, Warm Milk Recordings, Kalamine Records, The Sketchbook Sounds and four compilations gathering choice of already released tracks released by Attenuation circuit, Winter-Light, Ostroga and Kalamine Records.

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DJ_Iterate- Chocolate Eukaryotes [treetrunk 692]

All tracks created using Generative Python by Thomas Park.

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DJ_Iterate- Morro Bay [treetrunk 690]

All tracks generated using Python code by Thomas Park.

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DJ Frankenstone- K Sigma Don [treetrunk 688]

Generative Drum&Bass created using Python code by Thomas Park.

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DJ_Iterate- This Ain’t No CBGBs [treetrunk 687]

These tracks were created using vinyl rips, various additional sounds, and the GenerIter Python generative music module.

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FutureLight- Light The Future [treetrunk 686]

Generative base tracks and some production by Thomas Park. Added vocals and instrumental parts by Wilfried Hanrath.
Cover art by Wilfried Hanrath.

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Thomas Park- Paradigm Shifter [treetrunk 685]

All tracks created using the free Python module: “The GenerIter”.

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DJ_Iterate- Bad Shift [treetrunk 684]

These tracks were created using Generative Python by Thomas Park. Sounds were disassociated from keyword or voice, so they are highly chance-centered.

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DJ_Iterate- Dub Shifted [treetrunk 683]

All tracks created using Generative Python by Thomas Park. These tracks used dub sounds but mis-assigned their voices, resulting in a “shifting” effect.

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