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DJ Frankenstone- Prof Carry Dozen Circular [treetrunk 699]

Liner Notes
This Release Was Created By DJ Frankenstone in the early 21st CenturyOriginal Cover Art By: DJ_Iterate
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Boban Ristevski And Daniel Barbiero – The Future Of The Mind [treetrunk 696]

1 Mind and Consciousness2 Mind over Matter3 Changed Consciousness
Boban Ristevski: electronics, processing, composition and concept.Daniel Barbiero: double bass and prepared double bass source sounds.

This album is dedicated to Michio Kaku !!

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Mrs Dink With DJ_Iterate- Discovered Styles For The Only [treetrunk 695]

This is a collaborative release featuring Mrs Dink and DJ_Iterate. Mrs Dink provided some nice original grooves and DJ_Iterate used his Generative Python environments to remix them.

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Various Artists- Farewell Laetitia [treetrunk 694]

“I just learned that my friend Laetitia, also known as Ars Sonor, in a desperate act to escape neo-nazi persecutors, recently committed suicide. Let’s create some beauty to remember her, and to commemorate her great contributions to the underground net culture.”– Thomas Park, 2021

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Lezet and Thomas Park- Reanimation Is A Gift [treetrunk 693]

Lezet and Thomas Park have collaborated on this work, using some excellent sounds by Lezet and Generative elements and environments by Thomas Park.

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