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Thomas Park- The Prophet Brian 11.16.2021 [treetrunk 717]

These are recordings from Thomas Park’s Python application, “The Prophet Brian” which uses the Amazon Polly app to cause a voice like Brian Eno’s to pseudo-quote Gibran’s “The Prophet”. The music is all by Thomas Park.

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Occupied Head And DJ_Iterate- Remote Soil [treetrunk 716]

Thomas of DJ_Iterate found the music of Occupied Head online and was very impressed. Dieter from Occupied Head agreed to collaborate, and “Remote Soil” was begun. Thomas brought forward some Generative Loop structures and Dieter added some dark and eclectic compositional elements of synths, guitar and bass guitar. This is the result of these works. Welcome to. . . Remote Soil.

Cover Art by Occupied Head.
Mastering by DJ_Iterate.

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