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Thomas Park- Bring Joy Closer [treetrunk 729]

“When I began making music over 2 decades ago, I wondered how I might write melodies, how to compose. I have tried many methods– and quite a few have involved borrowing from or even recording the world around me– mimicking its qualities, both light and dark. In early 2022, as my generative compositions have moved into an organic abstraction– I would like to think that they mysteriously synchronize with the implicit patterns of plants, animals and nature at large. Further, while listening, I find that my mind responds to these sonic patterns. As an entire ecosystem blooms when a light spring rain begins to fall, the tired, dingy loops in my mind fade away and I seem to remember, or imagine, another environment. How long can such a place exist, in my mind? For as long, I think, as I can imagine it, believe in it, and enjoy it.

I hope that you will, too.”

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