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DJ Frankenstone- The Caliphate And The World’s Seductive Spell [treetrunk 730]

“What comes to mind when one thinks of the Mid-East? Sadly, political thoughts immediately occur to me, and I wonder about faith, religion, roots, similarities, and differences. Shepherds and farmers, sheiks and nomads. When I think of the region aesthetically, I am inclined to consider some of the most seductive cultural trends in history– the most powerful drugs, spices and teas, the most vivid rugs and tapestries. The very scripts of this area dance before my eyes– the whole speaks of a culture that combats pain with potent and possibly addictive remedies, themselves highly intoxicating. Arid, uncomfotable, yes, but at the same time very poetically representing the danger of earth’s temptations– and so, with this album. I used Generative techniques, which worked well with some sounds I have collected. Working on this, listening, I had a harder and harder time not just. . . giving. . . in. . .”

–Thomas Park, 2022

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