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Pluto’s Head With Nieto- Enduring Supercontinental Unity [treetrunk 738]

“Electroacoustic artist Juan Antonio Nieto passed away 2/2022. One half of Pluto’s Head had collaborated with Nieto as Lezet. Pluto’s Head has created a set of Generative mixes based on or inspired by Nieto’s incredible music legacy. The release is called, ‘Enduring Supercontinental Unity.'”

“Juan Antonio Nieto belonged to a rare species of remarkable, ground-breaking, genre-defying composers/sound artists whose kindness towards others managed to  endear him to, for example, people on RTE, as well as to those listeners searching the furthermost reaches of the experimental music underground for unique music. He was a national treasure and a true citizen of the world. I am truly honoured to have known him.”– Igor Jovanovic/Pluto’s Head

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