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Bruce Wain- “Donned Shadow Knight” [treetrunk 743]

Short Poetic Dream 20220316023147237009

intentionally set out to wear

the fact that he witnessed

and people wonder about where

based on batman stories that

his disguise to serve another

of the specific a brief

which they were previously i

may find my views on

story that features not even

see whether any of these

you disagree with my conclusions

a brief summary of and

more than a sign of

i evaluate my clinical impressions

right off the bat pun

health if just how bad

continual process when mental health

you know but not just

in the diagnostic at the

people in the world he

is the sheer number of

issues out of the way

a psychological determine whether his

that person in some obtaining

know that a fictitious but

if they are in some

dress up as a giant

and understanding of a patient

costume because he actually thought

he were a real you

first glance dressing up like

disguise his identity when he

personality disorder my evaluation of

some i interview batman directly

seem to suggest a significant

is impaired in some i

diagnoses and overall revise this

other or the going to

see whether any of these

not based on or whether

like to address right off

the making my task even

about where the line is

testing is done to help

entertain and to people familiar

must be a creature of

well revise my conclusions if

in world have wondered whether

with any of the disorders

and understanding of a patient

conventions so how did i

reported to me of the

person being observing that person

to be diagnosed with any

fund his of being a

get some issues out of

caped mental state interesting and

my conclusions are based on

like if he did if

issues from a psychological determine

in a is the fulfillment

the way there are a

money to his life as

antisocial personality disorder my evaluation

disagree with my conclusions because

book the matter with an

fair number of people in

enforcement agencies if they are

a crime he has no

him such a compelling character

not based on or whether

the way there are a

to strike terror into their

entertain and to people familiar

to be diagnosed with any

an unauthorized clinical look under

on the caped mental state

that a fictitious but part

Music and Art by Bruce Wain, 2022

Bruce Wain are:

Nicholus Parrott:

Thomas Park:

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