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FutureLight – Only some words persist [treetrunk 745]

Short Poetic Dream 20220408080931465928

Or: “Only some words persist”

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population of insects as yet

From Wilfried Hanrath, 2022:

FutureLight is a transatlantic duo consisting of Thomas Jackson Park, USA, and Wilfried Hanrath, Germany. “Only some words persist” is their third album.

Thomas provides generative sounds, lyrics and images, and Wilfried uses all kind of sounds to work with those, playing guitars and synthesizers and reciting Thomas’ generative lyrics. 

For the first time there are two songs with someone else´s vocals, you can hear Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi´s vocals on two tracks with Dante recitals.

Two other friends have to be mentioned; first, Remote Soil is a FutureLight – rework of a track from an album Thomas released with Hamburg, Germany based electronic musician Dieter Mauson aka Occupied Head. Gathering Sticks, Whistling Down the Wind is a melange of sounds from the first Bruce Wain – album Thomas released with Nicholus Parrott from Completey Gone 

Recordings, arranged by Wilfried with his vocals and synth solos. 

All sounds on “Only some words persist” have been created in St. Louis and in Wuppertal respectively in 2022*, arranged by Wilfried and mastered by Thomas. 

*Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi recorded her recitals in Marseille, France, in 2017. Occupied Head sent his sounds in from Hamburg, Germany in 2021 and Nicholus Parrott from California, USA in 2022. 

From Thomas Park, 2022:

A few years ago, I found myself in a hospital, and was told I was having a cardiac episode. The strange thing was, it all happened so quickly. I was hardly prepared for my brush with the end. A friend kept asking me if there were any words I wanted to share with my family. 

I was blessed and was able to walk out of there alive. Since, mortality has become ever more familiar to me, as my parents and especially my mother are nearing the end(s) of their lives. 

Death, I believe, is a release from pain, fear, and all of the troubles of life. The question then? Do we, after dying, persist in any way? Will we be the ones who decide?

About 10 years ago I challenged several members of the underground internet music community to create their own discographies and establish legacies. Very few seemed interested. Most of them felt ok with their music fading into obscurity upon their death(s).

I was never so Zen about my work. Some might say it is not so easy for me to let go. 

What lasts? What dissolves in the next shower of rain?

Introducing FutureLight’s “Only some words persist”– I hope that you enjoy it!

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