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DJ_Iterate- Remade Youth Music [treetrunk 747]

I grew up mostly in the 1980’s. Many would agree that the music during this time period was often flashy, excessive, and transitory. America was wealthy as a whole and there was lots of corporate expansion. At the same time, the messy end of the Cold War left us feeling a fear of a nuclear apolcalypse. The media had hyped the war enough that hardly a day would go by without a thought of the end. I honestly did not think I would survive into my 20’s.

Luckily, I was wrong, and looking back, I wish I could have changed some things. I wish I could have shared with my friends then hope in the future, to stress the possible longevity of life on this planet. I have in that regard used generative Python code to re-mix the decade’s sounds. The results, I feel, are a controlled chaos of classic and memorable musical tropes.

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