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Dream For Me A Long Dark Dream- Thomas Park [treetrunk 750]

“Dream For Me A Long Dark Dream”, or:

“Short Poetic Dream 20220524035724442778”

birthed af thrives on devices

recognizable art avoid stick around

or anyone capable of bearing

not the derangement of the

of beautiful pleasure reflect

politics of urgent as the

skyrockets of rimbaud mowgli

of invented words of disgust

all its suppressed sensuality into

children whose clarified senses betray

do something children will remember

to work for it

be the best part is

your own paleolithic, a barbaric

sexual go naked for a

of story emblem a process

all perceive this place this

out some more intense mode

wake up the city at

poems scrawled in courthouse small

social it is not a

only what must be do

gunslingers dreaming of piercing their

dancing in unauthorized pyrotechnic as

wellspring of style voluptuous a

exquisite seduction carried out not

chain which defines the pale

superstitious sudden intuitive angst no

by selling amour to

better than better than sins

ordinary the world channels all

useless avatars of chaos act

cares nothing for the future

conscious act in a deliberately

exquisite seduction carried out not

ought to be at least

order to work at part

because we the wild are

not because we ape the

perpetually chaos comes before all

the source of our art

inert more ultraviolet than any

terrorism weird dancing in unauthorized

inviolable freedom waits to be

employment fact it refuses to

lies in the possibility of

the rarest to embrace disorder

smoke of its own polymorphous

of freedom but rather its

by selling amour to

anything or anyone capable of

of polymorphous love the precious

powerful sexual superstitious sudden intuitive

charlatan laid out its corridors

if i were to kiss

fou amour is not

either of an artist of

abandoned in parks under of

of the senses but rather

trembles in your naturally it

of lux I am

at anything or anyone capable

as wellspring of style voluptuous

of rum same as fat

they followed de sade wanted

out its corridors abandoned its

laid out its corridors abandoned

they will come to realize

the caress of the hermes

fat boy of beginnings who

courthouse if I were to

burning glances at anything or

nature of reality natural ontological

of the taste of chapter

a clean a topological charlatan

like to see every bastard

as criminals of amour neither

that its book of emblems

as a result to seek

chapter poetic terrorism weird dancing

terrorism weird dancing in unauthorized

as from the table

dancing in unauthorized pyrotechnic as

defines perception an invisible golden

can scarcely be said to

or a boyscout troop always

streets of accidental flowers gypsy

courthouse if I were to

shed all the illusory rights

is always whether disguised as

also as a conscious act

the love of other a

or produced by part ought

pewter dusk through welfare streets

state burglarize houses but instead

own polymorphous it is not

into clashing hysterical prudes

the corruption of our own

the part is aimed at

for your molecular mesmerized you

as from the or able

gypsy smiling thieves of small

only for whitemen to eviscerate

a court of angels who

school all the paranoid cut

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