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Thomas and Royce- Live Synergy [treetrunk 754]

Thomas and Royce, the two main musicians featured in this release, attended college at the same institution, North of Chicago, in the early 1990’s. They spent some time listening to music and talking about making their own. At the time, an active culture existed in Chicago involving electronic music, much of it dance-oriented. Bands that both artists enjoyed combined synthesized melodies, drum machine rhythms, and samples of various kinds. The talk of making music as a band were tabled for some time when neither of them were in a position to purchase the necessary equipment.

Thirty years later, and Thomas and Royce still correspond, and they still talk about making music. 

One weekend in June, 2022, the two musicians spent a number of hours recording live tracks. These tracks themselves likely will appear on another release.

This release is a set of tracks that began with rhythmic loops extracted from the live sessions in June, and were futher developed with generative technology. The rhythms and basslines were authored by Royce, and other sounds were dubbed on top of them by Thomas.

We hope that you enjoy this sample of our creative collaboration.

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