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Thomas Park- Camembert Radio Episode 13 [treetrunk 755]

On June 24, 2022, Yann Pillas, the proprietor of the Camembert Électrique netlabel, aired a mix he had created using tracks submitted by various of Thomas Park’s musical acts to his netlabel’s compilations over the years. The audio was broadcast on ZaiZai Radio. Thomas was very pleased with the mix and wanted to release it on his netlabel for others’ enjoyment. Special thanks to Wilfried Hanrath for his appearance on the FutureLight track, and to Yann Pillas himself for assembling such a wonderful mix.


Playlist :

THOMAS PARK – Track20210702060852878080.10

Thomas Park – Even Death May Die

FutureLight – Die Würde

DJ_Iterate – After Helen Silence

THOMAS PARK – Guided By A Star

MYSTIFIED – Track20201125040213104905.17

DJ_Iterate – When Lilacs Last Bloomed

DJ_Iterate – As Heard In A Dream

DJ_Iterate – Sacred Time Of Year

DJ_Iterate – Timbral Harmonics (extract)

THOMAS PARK – Garden 2

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