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Traveling Light And Echolalia- In Cars [treetrunk 757]

Here are some nice ambient drones based on travelling by 2 artists in collaboration. We hope that you enjoy.


Echolalia is Dave Emmerson

Recorded June, 2021 in Central Scotland

Traveling Light is Zach Bridier

Recorded on 2nd June, 2022

Tones were created by using the technique Fieldtone created by Josh Buché

Fieldtone is taking a recording and boosting various frequencies within that recording creating tones.

Mixed & Mastered by Zach Bridier

Front cover photo by Zach Bridier

Back cover photo by Dave Emmerson

Design & Layout by Dave Emmerson

Traveling Light website:

Echolalia website:

Release Info:

In Cars is a Field Recording split EP where Traveling Light & Echolalia recorded themselves in their cars traveling in the US & UK.

Creative Commons License:


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