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Thomas Park (with Brian Eno)- Thursday At Dusk [treetrunk 762]

“Thursday At Dusk”

by Thomas Park

As time passed, it seemed

to accelerate

Our road trip

To the Eastern beaches of Lake Michigan

Or making boisterous breakfast at the cabin

Freshmen and women, Sophomores

Seems Thursday already. . .

Has an edit been done with violence, the editor

cut too deeply into the film

Have scenes been lost or discarded?

Lake sands, cooler now in the approaching dusk

Puncuated with the bones of fish

And sessile shapes we used to avoid

That gather, slowly-decaying, in profusion

There remains a strange appeal

Digging deep enough, clean sand lies hidden

And sadly sacred memories, 

Recalled in moments

Formed clearly once

Something whole and complete

Like a window of stained glass

Illumined with the sun’s rays

There reflected for an immortal-seeming morning

About this release:

Sounds by Brian Eno

Gathered from various liberated remix projects and articles

And represented with the requested cc share-alike license

All other work by Thomas Park

Including remix compositions done usin generative Python-coded environments.

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