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DJ_Iterate- Pioneering Venue Influx [treetrunk 764]

Short Poetic Dream 20220814213751790360

or “Code Club Wear” by Thomas Park

be challenged

joints to dance to music

longest running is still going

circulating of all involvement and

disco after she pioneered the floor

a series of acts

in the first discotheque opened

this was the whisky

dance in peace

became popular and is the

performance by artists 

a night of famous discotheques included

place in the nether regions

the regular usage of the

gogo set

group of bouncers to screen cocaine

aspects of the disco club

broadway prostitutes served

early in New York disco

on turntables during the 

united glam and

aesthetics of the bands included

mercury settling in 

patronized by youth called there

a nightclub disco or simply

also the early punk scene

certain type of clientele is

out of the earlier mandrake

sinful offered in addition to

flashing such as amyl nitrite

and nightclubs since the early

locals opened the first large

strange new phenomenon of public

discotheque in on east street


on turntables during 

the early venues with a

code club wear for glowing

a recently renovated 

and the rose they are

of many celebrities favor these

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