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Mystified And Bart Hawkins- Bell’s Theorem: The Dub Remixes [treetrunk 763]

Short Poetic Dream 20220814195749128180

or “A Given Mixed State” by Thomas Park

called pure quantum 

a given mixed state of the electron 

a statistical mixture is not wide spread

its momentum the result of

the quantum number and the spin

pure states are also known

as a mixture 

associated with a mathematical,

the observable quantity as the energy

measurements exhibit tradeoffs 

a multitude of ways to write

and the spin of

states are a different type

applying particularly when they are possible to observe

the spin of the first

that act on Hilbert pure

a wide spread of possibility

that implies a narrow spread

the angular momentum quantum numbers

are represented by density which

is observed both possibilities occurring

the mathematical formulation

constituting a pure state


‘I was browsing social media when I came across a link to Bart Hawkins’ new release, “Bell’s Theorem”. Identifying Bart as a label-mate, I stopped by, and really enjoyed the work. It was great and beautiful ambient music, and the ideas behind it were cool, too. I liked the idea of these particles that retain a quality of proximity and relatedness in some hard-to-define way, even after leaving one another’s presence. That parts of the universe can become associated with one another, never forgetting ithat. I created a nice set of dub-trancy remixes, using Bart’s songs as samples with other sounds. Bart then worked these into this very nice mix work, combining many of the subworks into one.’ –Thomas Park, 2022

This release contains both Thomas’ remixes of Bart’s originals, and a larger combined remix of Thomas’ remixes composed by Bart. This remix, “Caught Inside The Detection Loophole”, can be found, along with more of his great music, at his Bandcamp page.

Here are Bart’s links:

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