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Sci Fi Industries and Thomas Park- Chickasaw Dreamlands- Barbed-Wire Partitions- The Stones Of Chickasaw Remixes [treetrunk 765]

Short Poetic Dream 20220815033830074606

or “Dream Lands Partitioned By Barbed Wire”

by Thomas Park

wars in which the Nordics

stopped in Nebraska

tributary of the others

each generation the names applied

seeking farms in the States

English settlers on their arrival

independently from a considerable

importation could be found

the fifth century by Attila

that the Ulster Scots were

their union

the French had established a trading

that by a later date had been made 

by the long farmers

the nations they were known

England and Northern France

in this period the discovery

how vast were the great plains

Americans were almost unanimously now

finding the city ordinances strict

the United States, flags

the old white stock in

the American Union 

while in Dakota was

sending on settlers

according to their large numbers

In 2022, the artist behind the band Sci Fi Industries gave me permission to create some iterations of his tracks from the Thisco Album, “The Stones Of Chickasaw”. This release presents these unique remixes to the public. We hope that you enjoy them.

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