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Thomas Park- Dissolving In A Stream Of Time [treetrunk 769]

Here is a nice, home-recorded piece using Zoom Recorder tracks I created with 2 tuned drums, a collection of gongs, bells and chimes, a plastic recorder, a small ocean-environment-simulation device, and an archived recording of water dripping from the turn of the millenium. All sounds and recordings by Thomas Park except for the ocean-environment simulation device.

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Bruce Wain- Truth And Shadow [treetrunk 768]

Short Poetic Dream 20220919043454359753

or, “Truth and Shadow: We Seek Justice”

By Thomas Park

outskirts of gotham city

by acting the part of

the murder of

the image of bruce wayne 

our actions define

a superficial playboy

all of the time bruce

supports philanthropic causes

ultimately led him to

prevent future harm and

social issues encouraging crime

bruce wayne believes that our

interpretations vary depending on

activities as batman 

but is more widely known benefits

and for all that our actions define

we seek justiceĀ

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Twilight Shopping Mall: Live- Resonant Locations [treetrunk 767]

Chesterfield Mall, like many 1980’s shopping malls, was once a center for culture and commerce. As a teenager I remember going there both to grab a quick bite to eat and to rent a tux for high school prom. I also worked regular hours at the cinema in the mall’s parking lot.

In 2022, I returned to Chesterfield Mall after a 30-year absence, hoping to buy lunch and an espresso machine for my office. What I found was mostly a large, abandoned space. Only a handful of businesses remained, and most people were there either hiking the periphery for excercise or hitting the birdie at the badminton courts now located at the grand center opening.

For reasons both sentimental and acoustic, I asked the Mall manager if a few friends and I could record some live music in the Mall space. They agreed, and on 8/25/2022, Gabe Raines, Rylee Short and I performed a set just shy of 50 minutes of live music in its vast, resonant emptiness.

I found the performance to be spiritual, rendering well the end of the shopping mall and so many other people and phenomenae from the 1980’s– and fortelling the economic and various forms of hardship to follow.

Gabe Raines: Keyboards

Rylee Short: French Horn

Thomas Park: Ambient Loops, Trombone, Valveless Bugle, Acoustic Chimes

Microphone Recordings by Gabe Raines

Zoom Recorder Recordings by Thomas Park

Mastering and Release Logistics By Thomas Park

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