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Thomas Park- Shadows In The Lounge [treetrunk 782]

As the vapers vaped and ‘retters ‘retted, plumes of smoke of various flavors spiralled towards the ceiling of the old lounge, which was now covered in a thin glaze of brown. The red satin chairs, once new, were torn in places and punctuated with cigarette burns. The wooden sculptures and armchairs were shiny, but a sticky to the touch. And as light bulb after light bulb expired shadows gradually began taking over the old lounge.

This session was recorded at Loud On 7th Studio– in one take with no overdubs. Sound and music by Thomas Park.

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Eartrumpet and Mystified- Eartrumpet and Mystified [treetrunk 782]

Roger Mills is an ensemble-leader, a leading-edge thinker, a great musician– and most importantly for this release– one heckuva horn player. When I composed some generative Classical backdrops, I sent them to Roger. These tracks are what he created. I hope that you enjoy them as I do.

Artist Statement – Roger Mills

I met Thomas Park, albeit virtually, some years ago as a contributor to the Ambient Music mailing list run by We struck up an online friendship, exchanging ideas and thoughts about ambient music. Thomas began developing an algorithm that took snippets of audio to generate new sonic configurations, unrecognisable from their source. I was interested in the acousmatic concept of this, as I had been teaching a university sound design subject, and phenomenological concepts of reduced listening (écoute réduite), and the sound object (l’objet sonore) articulated by Pierre Schaeffer, were particularly front of mind. 

In 2019, my internet music ensemble, Ethernet Orchestra, released our second album ‘Oceans between Sound’, and Thomas developed an interface that remixed the album in real-time, layered with images of the oceans and waterways that separate the geographically dispersed ensemble. Thomas later contributed a track created by the algorithm to our next album, ‘Oceans Reimagined’, a collection of remixes by invited artists. The possibilities of what the algorithm was capable of spruiked my interest in collaborating on this project, Eartrumpet & Mystified. Thomas emailed a series of stems created by his algorithm as inspiration for trumpet improvisations. I felt a synergy between the generative, reconfigured, composed music stems, and my practice as an improviser, reconfiguring a canon of notes, harmony and rhythm, developed over many years. As the project developed, I also started processing the output of the algorithm, and multitracked processed trumpet, field recordings and my own library of sounds to build each track. The result is an EP of four tracks that illustrate an experiment in human-algorithmic interaction that speaks to an ambient music aesthetic being regenerated and configured.

Roger Mills 27 January 2023.

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Thomas Park- Feeling And Resonance [treetrunk 781]

A live set, with no overdubs, at Loud At Seventh Studios.

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Thomas Park- Fearless Compassion [treetrunk 780]

If showing compassion is silly and awkward, then showing it must require a person to be fearless. I think some of life’s great experiences are like that. They are often mocked and take great bravery to perform, courage, too, to defend.

This release was extracted from a single live session in “Loud At 7th” studio, with no overdubs (though a Looper pedal was used with my keyboard). The session was performed 01.18.2023.

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Thomas Park- A Brooding Silence [treetrunk 779]

Here are some live recordings, done in one take, with no overdubs. These were recorded in Loud at 7th studio, early morning 01.14.2023. The title refers to the silence in the part of Saint Louis where Thomas lives, in the year 2023 (part of the Covid era).

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