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Treetrunk Records, hailing from MidWestern USA, accepts quality musical submissions from artists from all over the globe. Our original mission was to showcase ambient and particularly experimental ambient (such as fractal / generative) music. For some time we also expanded into the field of phonography or field recordings, for both raw recordings and manipulated recorded material. Finally we have opened the doors a bit to other genres, accepting various quality submissions, though we still prefer for them to be experimental in nature, at least to a degree. We are a NetLabel with a heart. That does not mean that we accept everything sent our way. Rather, we strive to treat the creators of good music (and their fans) with compassion, releasing our material in a coherent and organized fashion, and, of course, generally– charging no money for our releases.

Submissions: Treetrunk Records is now closed for submissions, perhaps indefinitely. Thank you. Thomas urges interested parties to visit the label home at and enjoy the many hundreds of releases there.

The website will remain up and active, thanks to those who generously donated to our Gofundme campaign.

Much of this media was created by Thomas Park, possibly as his various solo acts including Mystified, Mister Vapor, AutoCad and others. More information about his efforts can be found at his webpage ( Thomas Park Home Page ).

If Thomas is unavailable for information particularly regarding his works, please contact lwondell (at) hotmail (dot) com or rrooyycce (at) hotmail (dot) com. Serious inquiries only, please do not harass these folks. And please try contacting Thomas directly through his webpage first, if possible.

A short documentary describing “Treetrunk Records”, Thomas Park’s iconic netlabel– including general information, high points, and examples of works.

Help Preserve Treetrunk Records

Treetrunk Records is a netlabel that I started in 2005. After 12 years, it has over 750,000 views at The netlabel’s discography is approaching 400 releases.

Treetrunk has been a home to a variety of experimental musics, and has had a great deal of success on the netlabel scene.

Fractal music, drone, ambient, phonographic and other types of music have appeared on the netlabel, as well as prominent musicians such as Robin Storey and Forrest Fang.

And we have always given our material away for free.

As Treetrunk continues forward, Thomas would like to accomplish several things.

One is, he would like to make the Treetrunk Records blog ad-free, for at least 1-2 years, hopefully longer.

He would also like to plan something special for the 400th release on the netlabel, which will be coming up in the next few months, perhaps with a nice set of gifts people could share (a t-shirt, for example, or compilation cdr).

The purpose of this Gofundme effort is to provide some funds for Treetrunk Records to insure its continuance, and to solidify its legacy.

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