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Mark Blood And Various Artists- Treetrunk Mix 2

Mark Blood has created a second mix using only tracks from the Treetrunk Records netlabel.

Treetrunk Mix 2 at

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Mark Blood With Various Artists- Treetrunk Mix 01

Expert mixer Mark Blood has dedicated some good hours to compiling this lovely mix of tracks, all originally released on the Treetrunk Records Netlabel.

Treetrunk Mix 01.

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Turn It To Eleven (Various Artists)

Thomas Park created an hour-long mix of tracks created by Treetrunk Records artists. Incidentally, all of these pieces were released in the year 2011.

2017 Self Released

(Some Of These Clips Are Edits Of Longer Tracks)

“3”- Pavonine
From “Night Falls with Silver in its Mouth”, 2011

“Seagram Mural 2”- Fabio Keiner
From “Seagram Studies”, 2011

“The Bounty”- WZRDS
From “1”, 2011

“Swamp Magnetics”- Drone Wallah
From “Swamp Magnetics”, 2011

“Seelenandschaft”- Alister Flint
From “Experimentalist”, 2011

“Stasis 2”- Tuonela
From “Angels Of Chrome”, 2011

“1”- Ayato With Mystified
From “Broadcast For The Sultan #1”, 2011

“ZZDronia”- Mystified With Drone Wallah
From “ZZDronia”, 2011

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To The End Of The Underworld (Various Artists)

Thomas Park created a mix using only tracks that were released on Treetrunk Records, by various artists.

2017 Self Released

(Some Of These Clips Are Edits Of Longer Tracks)

“Bleeding Out The Pigment Of Life”- Android In Motion
From “Despair and Deliverance”, 2008

“Dressed In Foam”- The Ghost Between The Strings
From “Ghostly Radiance”, 2009

“Enkedeu”- AON
From “Enkedeu”, 2009

“Not Secure Space”- Anton Mobin and Planetaldol
From “Not Secure Space”, 2011

“Transcendent Existence”- Sohnn
From “Organs Of The Earth”, 2011

“Nelpowe”- Priori
From “Onustra”, 2011

“Arise, My Volvox Brethren”- ps
From “Never Step On Moss Again”, 2011

“Corpse Raiser”- Jeff Sampson with Mystified
From “Corpse Raiser”, 2011

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Blue Scarabs From A Darkened Vault (Various Artists)

This is a mix by Thomas Park of tracks by various artists. All of the music was released on the Treetrunk Records netlabel.

2017 Self Released

(Some Of These Clips Are Edits Of Longer Tracks)

“Blue Scarab”– Akashic Crows’ Nest
From “Fractal Diner 3”, 2005

“Autumn Stars, Slightly Brighter”– K.M. Krebs
From “Fog Sequences”, 2006

“Inconstant”– C. Reider
From “Inconstant”, 2008

“Cathedral”– Caleb Deupree
From “Cathedral”, 2008

“First Moment- Dark, Still Waters”– Palancar
From “Three Moments”, 2009

“Fatal Songs Moving”– Fosel
From “The Foiled Again Remixes”, 2010

“Onboard The Nowhere Train”– Digital Mass
From “Onboard The Nowhere Train”, 2010

“Ylem”– Mysterybear
From “Complex Silence 12”, 2011

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Various Artists- Treetrunk 400 [treetrunk 400]

For Treetrunk’s 400th and final netrelease, Thomas Park offers a documentary, detailing the history of the netlabel. There are also 5 original prints, based on a Treetrunk Records logo, and some other supplemental materials. Thomas would like to sincerely thank all who have shared their music on Treetrunk, and the many hundreds of thousands who listened, as well– not to mention the fine people at, for all of their hosting efforts over the years. The plan is to keep the website up and active, and it is Thomas’ hope that listeners will continue to enjoy the many recordings in this classic netlabel.

Treetrunk 400 at

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Tree Helicopter And Thomas Park- Nitre [treetrunk 399]

Christopher McDill and Thomas Park have collaborated together frequently– especially on the netlabel Webbed Hand Records. Years after their last release, Chris has shared some dark ambient sounds with Thomas, who then used them and additional tape noise and engine sound outtakes to craft, “Nitre”.

Nitre At

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Thomas Park- AM Radio Samples [treetrunk 398]

Here are some recordings taken from AM Radio bands.

AM Radio Samples at

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Submissions Officially Closed

Treetrunk Records is now closed for submissions, perhaps indefinitely. Thank you. Thomas urges interested parties to visit the label home at and enjoy the many hundreds of releases there.

The website will remain up and active, thanks to those who generously donated to our Gofundme campaign.

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Torrey And Thomas Park- Torrey Reads Thomas [treetrunk 397]

Thomas Park’s wife was kind enough to provide a spirited reading of one of his original poems. The music in the background is by mystified. Special thanks to Torrey for her time and creative spirit.

Torrey Reads Thomas at

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