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Miles Davis With Thomas Park- The All Blues Iterations [treetrunk 320]

These are generative versions of “All Blues” (Miles Davis, 1959) created using a creative commons recording of the track by Bravo Jazz, and generative code by Thomas Park.

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Thomas Park- Sci-Fi Pulp [treetrunk 319]

These are remixes of mystified’s “Skywatchers” and “A Tribute To Forbidden Planet” tracks. The remixes were made in The Reanimator generative environment. A loop-extractor, “Alpha Omegatron”, was used to harvest the loops.

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Erik Satie With Thomas Park- The Gymnopedies Iterations [treetrunk 318]

Thomas Park iterated Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedies” upon themselves, using original Python programs he had written, in 2019.

Here are some of the iterations.

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Maurice Ravel With Thomas Park- The Miroirs Iterations [treetrunk 317]

In 2019, Thomas Park used original Python code to iterate the pieces of Ravel’s “Miroirs” upon themselves.

Here are some of the iterations.

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Erik Satie With Thomas Park- The Nocturnes Iterations [treetrunk 316]

Sampling from and looping together parts of Satie’s “Nocturnes” reveals an inner consistency– which we would expect, but can now also enjoy.

Thomas Park created these iterations using several original Python codes.
Special thanks to Matthew Freeman for suggesting a release such as this one.

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Thomas Park With M.Nomized- The Icelandic Iterations [treetrunk 315]

Thomas asked M.Nomized if he could create some generative outtakes of his tracks. M.Nomized agreed.

Thomas used special Python code to extract and combine loops from M.Nomized’s 2 “Iceland”-themed releases.
And here are the results.

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Scott Lawlor and Thomas Park- The Lawlor Park Piano Recursions [treetrunk 314]

Thomas Park used his own “The Reanimator” Python program to remix piano phrases by Scott Lawlor.

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Thomas Park With Cousin Silas- Silas Park Iterations [treetrunk 413]

In 2019, Cousin Silas gave Thomas Park permission to remix his wonderful longform album, “Long Decay”. Thomas extracted loops from the tracks of that album, and using only these sounds, created iterations. These iterations were assembled with the help of a Python code called “The Reanimator”, written by Park, which creates generative loop assemblages.

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Cousin Silas with Mystified- Further Farther Yet [treetrunk 412]

In 2015, Cousin Silas created an excellent longform remix of Mystified’s piece “Farther”. It was lost from the public ear when Mystified purged his Bandcamp Account.

Cousin Silas and Mystified agreed that the piece, and the original from which it descended, should be made available once again.
And here they are.

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Thomas Park- 20 Jazz Funk Hits [treetrunk 411]

Over a 2-day period, Thomas Park used 2 of his original programs, the “Sequence Generator” and “The Reanimator”, to create 20 original albums of music.

One goal was to prove the power of Generative Music.

Another was to make Good Music.

And here are those 20 albums.

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