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Thomas Park- Thomas Park: The Documentaries [treetrunk 384]

My name is Thomas Park, and I love sound. I also love writing music.

I have been creating music for over 2 decades, as various aliases and project names.

My main projects, those which are now complete, are AutoCad, Mystified, Mister Vapor and Grid Resistor.

I have other projects, some of which at this time are still active.

Why release “Thomas Park: The Documentaries”? I realized that when people asked me what kind of music I made, I usually became tongue-tied.

“Umm. . . it was like soundtrack music”, I would say.

I wanted to document in more detail (yet in abbreviated fashion) the varieties of my sonic creativity, and some of the many achievements and high-points over the past years as these projects.

I hope that you will enjoy the documentaries– they are testament to thousands of hours of effort and enjoyment.

Thomas Park: The Documentaries at

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Allegra Geller- Broken Pieces [treetrunk 383]

Allegra Geller is a project of John Prusinski. The music is informed by his background: born in the Middle East, growing up traveling the world, the sounds of different cultures and aesthetics permeated his unconscious and opened his ears and mind to ambient sounds and the resonances of environment. Now a resident of the rural US Northeast, the sounds of the forest and its wildlife have also become part of this creative process. The music of Allegra Geller is a structured collage of mutated field recordings, synthetic textures, and improvised performance. These pieces are intended to be performed live, and the recording reflects that aesthetic; all tracks in this project were recorded direct, live in the studio, with no overdubbing or postproduction of any kind.

Broken Pieces at

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Matthew Pollock- Sit And Be Well [treetrunk 382]

Sit, and be well is a collection of pieces that explore possibilities the piano offers in a variety of ways. It was my intention to marry these possibilities—traditional piano performance (as in, fingers on keys), extended techniques, and the rich palette of harmonic spectra that the piano has to offer—with the idea of specific spaces, all through a scratchy lens of digital signal processing. Each track references distinct natural locations scattered across the Pacific Northwest, although to what extent each piece accurately describes each particular location is anyone’s guess (mine included). More important to me than painting an image of these places was suggesting a physical space for the listener to explore.

Sit And Be Well at

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Treetrunk Records Graphic


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Robin Storey With Mystified- Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep [treetrunk 381]

Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep / Sound installation by Robin Storey with Mystified / Exhibition at loop30 – the listening room at the abraxas arts centre, Augsburg, Germany, November 2017–July 2018 / Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep is a dense, atmospheric sound sculpture by Robin Storey (UK) with Mystified (US). Musician and visual artist Robin Storey (b. 1955) has been a seminal figure in the development of experimental sound culture since the early 1980s, both as co-founder of legendary post-industrial band Zoviet France and with his ongoing solo releases as Rapoon. By contrasting harmonic sheets of sound with hissing, “polluted” noises, Grasslands Dream of Electric Sheep evokes the sonic image of a natural landscape that gradually disappears or rather gets disfigured by industrialisation, buildings, and environmental pollution. This meditation on change is well suited for the exhibition at “loop30 – the listening room at the abraxas arts centre”: Until the 1930s, the site of today’s arts centre was a pasture which had to make way for the barrack buildings of the German fascists.

Grasslands Dream Of Electric Sheep at

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900piesek- Silent Warriors From The Lunar World [treetrunk 380]

This album is dedicated to a silent world. The city behind the city. You are invited on a journey throught the changing Lunar landscape, hidden in the depths of the very possibilties of every sound, or even the moving picture. The very beginning of each gesture and emotion. These are the waters of the earth. Silent warriors were the first visions of chaos.

SIlent Warriors From The Lunar World at

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Full Album Videos Archived

Archival Selections 028 is a special release on containing high-definition videos of a number of full albums by Thomas Park’s various audio projects. These videos are now free to download from the release page:

Included videos are:

A Movement Of Air (Mister Vapor)
Altercus (Mister Vapor)
Altered Signals (Mystified)
Best Of Bone (Mystified)
Beyond The Black Vapor (Mister Vapor)
Cadaver City Quark (Mystified With Kenji Siratori)
Cardboard Hotel (Mystified)
Coming Days (Mystified)
Constant (Mystified)
Dark Lacunae (Mystified)
Deus Irae (Mystified)
Discourse In Dust And Steel (Mystified)
Dub Shift (Mystified)
Dubstep Odyseey (Mystified)
Dunkelreise (Mystified With Eisenlager)
Ear Tools (Mystified)
Early Mystified Drone Mix (Mystified)
Elemental Ragtime (Mystified)
Everywhere Drone (Mystified)
Felon (Mystified)
FM (Mystified With N.Strahl.N)
For PKD (Mystified)
Frigid Radiance (Mystified)
Ghostbone 2 (Mystified With TGBTS)
Ghostbone (Mystified With TGTBS)
Heartland Ruins (Mystified)
Instability (Mystified)
Intrigue (Mystified And Rafael Flores)
Kitchen Sink Industrial Mix (Mystified)
Lingering Shadows (Mystified)
Logarithm (AutoCad)
Love Is A Machine (Mystified With Scott Lawlor)
Masks And Wires (Mystified)
Mass Production (Mystified)
MonoDecay (Mystified)
Music For Transit (Mystified With Robin Storey)
Mystical Steam (Mystified)
Nocturne (Mystified)
Numinous Transmissions (Mystified With Daniel Barbiero)
Ottos Approach (Mystified)
Pirate (Mystified)
Plasma Cloud 2 (Mystified)
Plasma Cloud (Mystified)
Presence (Mystified)
Primal Mystified (Mystified)
Pulse Ringer Pieces (Mystified)
Rain 1 (Mister Vapor)
Rain 2 (Mister Vapor)
Reduced (Mystified)
Reduced Remixed In A Blender (Mystified With Various Artists)
Remembering The Engine (Mystified)
Scattered Mist (Mystified)
Science Fiction (Mystified)
Secret Ops (Mystified)
Secret Tapes (Mystified)
Sidewalk Salad (Mystified)
Siren Songs For Saint Louis (Mystified)
South City Spring (Mystified)
Sovereign (Mystified)
SubDialogue (Mystified)
Terminal E (Thomas Park)
The Long Arc (Mystified)
The Luminous Deep (Mystified)
The Noise Years (Mystified)
Transient 2 (Mystified)
Transient (Mystified)
Trash Everest (Mystified)
Tribute To A Forbidden Planet (Mystified)
Triptych (Mystified With LHT)
Vagabond (Mystified)
Warped Essence (Mister Vapor)
Where The Angels Fear To Tread (Mystified)

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More Archival Selections

Additional items were uploaded today to a sub-collection of Treetrunk Records. Called “Archival Selections”, Thomas wanted to feature some of the more interesting of his previous releases as mystified and Digital Mass in lossless audio. Currently added to “Archival Selections” are:

Endless Flutter (mystified):
In A Haze (mystified):
Moonshine (mystified):
Still Dreaming (mystified):
The Luminous Deep (mystified):
The Murk (Digital Mass):
Constant (Mystified):

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Archival Selections

A number of items were uploaded today to a sub-collection of Treetrunk Records. Called “Archival Selections”, Thomas wanted to feature some of the more interesting of his previous releases as mystified, Thomas Park and AutoCad in lossless audio. Currently added to “Archival Selections” are:

Aluminum Fly (mystified):
AutoCad Reclaimed Disc One (AutoCad):
AutoCad Reclaimed Disc Two (AutoCad):
Cereal For Dinner (mystified):
Coming Days (mystified):
D-Program (mystified):
Eldritch Steps (mystified):
Elemental Dub (mystified):
Fragment, Compress (mystified):
Haiku 01 (mystified):
Knowing Memphis (mystified):
Machines 2 (mystified):
Night Wheel (mystified):
Overtone Drones (mystified):
Skywatchers 2 (mystified):
Stellar Fugue (Thomas Park):
The U.F.O. Hoax (mystified):
Tropical Depression (mystified):
Urbscape (mystified):
Urgent Cells (mystified):

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Grid Resistor- Omega [treetrunk 379]

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Cities are beginning to resemble the Byzantine monstrosities depicted in Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner”. We now can communicate with nearly anyone in the globe, with great immediacy– often with visuals. We can kill thousands, even millions of people using unmanned weaponry. We have become better and better at treating illnesses and disease, often using medical technology. What to say? Some suggest we have entered a new paradigm– a “Second Machine Age”. Others cling to the notion that machines are unnecessary– avoiding computers, the internet and cell phones. The future of people may depend on what side of the technological divide they stand– those who use tech and those who avoid it or can’t afford it. I conceived of “Grid Resistor” in 2017, upon retiring my act “Mystified”. I thought of a music that reflected today’s (and tomorrow’s) technology– containing only the sounds of machines. I used a contact microphone and other means of capturing to record dozens of machines in the highest audio quality possible. Some sounds were treated with random effects processing, while others were dubbed directly into pieces. Each track was named after the date of its composition and the number within the various tracks that day that were written. Very little reverberation was added, in order to emphasize texture and avoid distortion and sound loss. Songs were comprised of many layers, usually using sounds collected from different devices. To what end? Here, in “Omega”, we have the sum total of solo Grid Resistor tracks. MP3s of the highest quality were uploaded (lossless files would have been too cumbersome). These mp3s are all on one release page so that listeners can move through the totality of Grid Resistor tracks, or cue them up in a playlist and set them on “shuffle” and “repeat”– and so for your ears, the future is here, or quickly approaching. Do you accept the assistance of machines? Use them as tools? Or destroy them, sending them to the trash heap?

Omega at

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